(e)Tapas of PatasNegras; The Dehesa

(e)tapas of PatasNegras

These (e)tapas of PatasNegras presented here are small portions of the route for you to savour: the Dehesa

The dehesa, the oak woods & the Iberian pigs,

“The dehesa is a type of mediterranean woodland where the woodland floor has been cleared for pasture. During the middle ages the naturally wild woodlands were newly organised (…) eliminating the undergrowth and improving the pasture. Due to the climate conditions of the sierra, the species of trees are principally of the oak family (…). Livestock in this ecosystem are breeds capable of living through long dry spells with sparse natural grasslands, such as the Iberian pig,  .   

Also associated with this ecosystem and human management are orchards which are irrigated by spring water during the summer. To all this we can add the meat and leather obtained from hunting, the collection of mushrooms, honey, medicinal plants, wild flora and fruits.  What’s more, there is the wood gleaned by woodland maintenance (…), and  furthermore, cork is harvested as an important extra income. 

This kind of extensive agriculture is also compatible with the wild species of ecological value and importance such as: The Imperial Eagle, Royal Eagle, lynx, Black Stalk, Black Vulture and Royal Herring bird.

ll these transformations and developed techniques have formed a way of life and built an ecosystem which characterises the mediterranean world, specifically this ecosystem and long-standing harmonious relationship between man and nature in this southwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula.”

Quotations from the Patasnegras roadbook ©.

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