(e)Tapas of PatasNegras; La Fija

(e)tapas of PatasNegras

These (e)tapas of PatasNegras presented here are small portions of the route for you to savour: the Fija

La Fija, Rio Odiel & the old railway north,

the Fija

“What seems to be a simple track is actually the old railway track bed (…)This becomes more apparent after crossing the hamlet, Traslasierra . Now there is a straight and steady climb with a wide bend which indicates where the wagons used to run along.

Now comes the steepest climb (or descent) in the whole of this adventure. The old static steam engine called La Fija would haul up the mineral wagons by chain. This is very marked and continuous climb of 1km, reaching a top height of 168 m. This slope is measured at 33% ! The mechanism was worked by a fixed steam engine at the top, that pulled the wagons up whilst another load of wagons would be eased down to act as a counterweight.

After this rather surprising descent you’ll return to the easy gradients that are habitual on railway lines and you’ll have a pleasant ride passing through various short tunnels and by abandoned junctions where other short branch lines used to join. You´ll eventually return to the now familiar Rio Odiel, where you’ll cross the river over a majestic iron bridge, supported by high masonry pillars,

Shortly after this, you’ll pass by the entrance to the abandoned San Platón mines with its fascinating ochre-coloured buildings. Nowadays it is hard to imagine the throng of activity which was once here.

From this point, the Rio Odiel changes its colour as minerals are no longer deposited here. Suddenly the river banks become green.”

Quotations from the © PatasNegras roadbook .

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