The landscapes

the Landscapes

The landscapes encountered in the Sierra de Huelva, it is no exaggeration to say, are amazingly varied. Each stage will bring something new.

The landscapes encountered in the Sierra de Aracena and the Aroche Peaks Natural Park is a stunning example of biodiversity with its extensive woodland, high rainfall, mild climate and abundance of fauna and flora. Our great adventure begins in the town of Aracena with its caves of magical beauty known as the Gruta de la Maravillas. The ride continues through luscious green fields and woodlands dotted by ancient holm and cork oaks whilst their acorns are strewn across the ground which the Iberian pigs feed upon. A unique example of an ecosystem balanced by human control.

Next we journey to the mining region which will surprise you with its martian landscapes and vast expanses. You will have the chance to apparently look into the centre of the earth at the enormous open pit of the Rio Tinto mine, a copper mine once worked by British companies in the early 20th century. Our trip continues along former mine railway trackbeds which will lead us from the copper red earth back to the green of nature and from the cold stone to the freshness of the woodlands. We will then ride between stone walls surrounded by lush forests. The chestnut trees, particularly, show their deep green and their haunting bareness in winter. The diversity of the Sierra de Huelva is its greatest value.

We will go through lovely towns, villages and hamlets with castles, fortresses, bullrings, ancient mosques, churches, squares, fountains and charming hidden corners. The local prized cuisine is based on Spanish hams and pork, horticultural products, chestnuts and mushrooms and that is not forgetting the cheeses and pastries

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