Introduction to the Andalucia Cycling Cyclists

about Andalucia Cycling

Introduction to the Andalucia Cycling Cyclists

Andalucia Cycling, PatasNegras and I

Iain Attwood Grant

I first arrived in Andalucía, straight from a freezing, snow-covered London, in January of 2001. I came to Andalucia to cycle from Malaga to Lisbon. From the very first day the ride was a revelation to me. I enthusiastically told my touring companion Mike that I was going to come back here to live, and I did so in March of 2002. Since then, and many many winding roads later, I have made a small space for myself in the cycling fraternity here. I have now gone native and I would love to introduce to you these panoramas, cultures & histories. I would like to take you down along these roads, tracks and lanes, and into the landscape.

I am a qualified MTB guide, certified with the qualification AFDA0109, and I am an experienced designer of cycle routes.

As well as many years in the saddle turning the cranks as a commuter, a brief spell as a bike messenger, and cycle tourer & club member, I also have many years workshop experience as a mechanic fixing other people’s bikes. I also got my Cycling Proficiency badge in 1984 & ´85, twice, (because it got me out of maths class).

the Origins of PatasNegras

Luis G. Cuadri

The classic PatasNegras route was founded in 2014 by Luis G. Cuadri. Luis is Corteganes at heart and he has been passionate about these mountains since he was a child. He is also a seasoned cycle tourist who has traveled far and wide. Luis knew the natural diversity of Andalusia, and specifically the richness of the province of  Huelva, are something unique and wonderful, which led him to combine his knowledge and experience to design PatasNegras.

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